"Be Transformed: By the Spirit of the Living God" is a 14-chapter Bible Study Workbook. It explores everyday human experiences, such as "Anxiety", "Commitment", "Discipline", "Self-Esteem", "Repentance". There is a heavy emphasis on biblical and practical application, which is facilitating spiritual, mental, and emotional growth in many lives.

We never imagined that it would reach such a diverse population! Consider the feedback we have already received:

• Men and women are studying the book in separate Bible study groups

• Couples are doing the study together and are finding a closer relationship with each other and the Lord

• Mothers and teens are studying the book together, and it is influencing their relationships; not only with each other, but with the Lord

• "Be Transformed" has been approved for its correct theology from numerous Pastors and lay Bible scholars in the Lutheran Church, Church of Christ, Nazarene Church, Calvary Chapel, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church

• People from addicted and abused backgrounds are successfully using this book as easily as people who have been Christians all their lives

• People from in and out of the church are applying the principles of this book to their lives

• It is perfect for group study or individual study

• It is being used by people from ages 15 to 97 (yep, that’s 97!). We often hear people saying that it’s the best Bible Study material they’ve seen in years!

We hear daily reports about how insightful, challenging, and inspiring this book has been. People are saying how much they appreciate the simplicity of reading, and that they are being challenged by the depth of the material.

If you purchase your book directly through me, I would be happy to sign it for you. Simply email me and let me know to whom you want it addressed.


“Be Transformed Ministries” was founded after we realized just how powerful the book “Be Transformed: By the Spirit of the Living God” had become. We started receiving overwhelming feedback about changed lives; relationships were deepening, and people were coming out of emotional, mental, and spiritual bondage.

We believe that studying the Word of God and living out its principles is the only way that the attributes of God will be reflected to this dying world. “Be Transformed” was written for this very purpose.

The goal of our ministry is to bring revival to the Church, and to reach the lost. Through our “Sponsor a Transformation” Program, we intend to send our “Be Transformed” book into as many rehabilitation centers, jails, and prisons as possible.




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