Partner with Be Transformed Ministries, and get a Tax Deduction, too!
One area of our ministry is entitled "Sponsor a Transformation". It was created so that we could reach out to those who have been incarcerated, or who are living in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers. Our hope is that through the Power of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit, and the Word of God, they will be set free and have their lives turned around, allowing them to serve the Lord with their entire being.

Since I have experienced addiction, homelessness, abuse, and incarceration myself, I have always had the desire to reach those who are imprisoned; regardless if their imprisonment is spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional. If you read the testimonial page, you will see just how instrumental and vital this ministry has been in changing lives!

Here is your chance to help impact more Lives for Christ! By donating to our Ministry, you are allowing us to continue providing FREE BOOKS to inmates and people of need. Be Transformed Ministries began with just a few caring and giving folks. Because of their generosity and prayers, we have now been able to send out Be Transformed books and Bibles to 20 different Prisons, Jails, and Rehabs. We currently have over 650 books distributed to inmates in the L.A. County Jail alone. These books and Bibles are given to those who ask, and have a desire to change. We make no profit on these books, but our reward is the overwhelming joys we have of hearing people say they are developing a deeper relationship with Christ as a result of this book. Won't you partner with us so we can continue making a real difference in this world?

How to Partner with our Ministry and Receive Your Tax Deduction!

Click on the "Donation" button, which will take you to our 501c3 Ripe For Harvest World Outreach website donation page. Please feel free to investigate the 501c3 we work under by reviewing the Ripe for Harvest website. Ripe for Harvest has over 200 Ministries working with them, and we are blessed to be one of them. They are members of the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), and continue to meet the high standards of this organization. They have been in the Ministry Business for 32 years. They are also members of the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals). For every donation, you will receive a receipt from Ripe for Harvest for your end-of-year tax purposes. Once you are on the Ripe for Harvest Donation page, you may select to donate by check, Electronic funds transfer, or by Debit/Credit card. Each method is a little different, though. If you send a check, please make sure you write our Missionary number – 20081- in the "notes" or "for" section on the lower left hand corner of your check. Make it out to "Ripe for Harvest World Outreach", and mail it to the address on the "Donate" page website. For "Electronic Funds Transfers", click on that box and it will take you to a secure page. In the drop down box, select "Dutra, Sharon – 81", and then fill out the rest of your information. If you are using the Debit/Credit Card method, click on that box, which will take you to a second page, click on the ministry drop down box, and select "Dutra, Sharon 20081".

Thank you. Just know that your generosity will make a difference!

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Ripe For Harvest has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds" (Required by ECFA).



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