Dear Be Transformed Ministries,

I am currently incarcerated because of drug abuse. They gave me a 4 year sentence. I received your study book at the perfect timing from the jail Chaplain. A book called "Be Transformed".

It so happens to be this book is for me. As I read the first pages of your book, the forward part, I broke into tears. The last few months I have been very depressed and have had anxiety attacks. I have been suffering spiritually. And the whole time, I have been studying everything from different religions. But I feel I've been missing something. I isolate myself. It feels like I'm being spiritually attacked. This jail sentence has gotten to my head. I pray and pray and pray, and for some reason, I don't feel God's presence. Now that I received the Be Transformed Book, I am reading the Anxiety Chapter. I set another non-spiritual book aside so that I can make time to read your book. I feel there is something in this book that I need. I have mentally been locked down because of this jail sentence. I wanted to tell you thank you for publishing this book for people like me to read and study. And I will make sure to read it and give it a chance to bring me out of this mess I'm in. And if you wish for me to read other stuff, feel free to send me stuff to read. I would purchase it, but I have no funding.

I know this book was a Godsend book and this book is like gold that hit my cell! May God bless you and your family always. All I ask is for you to keep me in your prayers. Please pray that God will work in my life and let me feel His presence.

Thank you, Sister Dutra, for reading this letter and I know you understand the things I'm suffering just by reading your book. Please keep me in your prayers.

C. R. Tehama County Jail at Red Bluff, California


Dear Sharon,

My name is Alicia and I'm in prison at this time. I'm writing to you in hopes to get your book Be Transformed. I've heard good things about it, and how it has helped others. I gave my life to God and don't want to go back to my old ways when I get out. Can you please send me a book? May God bless you and your work and what you do for those in need. Thank you.

California Institution for Women, Corona, California


Dear Sharon,

I am a 49 year old man serving time at Wasco State Prison. I am in the middle of studying your book "Be Transformed" and I must confess that I am in love! I don't know you but your deep spiritual wisdom and insight equates to beauty! I've been studying the Word for years and I am just now learning to put it into practice. I gotta tell you that your breakdown of the Scriptures, along with your guide to practical application hits right on the head! A good student of the Bible is also a student of the "world". And I can see you have been there. I pray that the Lord of the Harvest keeps bringing up godly women like yourself to shine in these ever darkening times. STAY STRONG and keep doing what you're doing. You're helping a lot of people! May you be blessed in this New Year!

Respectfully, L. P.

Wasco State Prison, California


Ms. Dutra,

I received your book recently and I must say that it is an amazing work! I have been in prison for 26 years, and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior 12 years ago. I have read many, many books and Bible studies, but your book really stands out. I call your gift (book) "A New Beginning". It has helped me understand some things in the Bible that were difficult to grasp. It points to Scripture throughout, and helps me to dig deep into the Word. It's amazing how your gift plants seeds of hope and provides me with the tools to help myself grow.

Thank you again. I will be sharing this book with others.

D.S. Elmira State Prison, New York


Dear Sharon,

I'm enjoying my journey through the Be Transformed Workbook, and unlike other workbooks I've abandoned over the years, yours truly motivates me to take the time to "write through" my thinking. Most of all, I thank you and pray for the Lord to bless you especially, for sowing into my son's life. I prayed for him for 35 years to know the Lord and serve Him with all of his heart. When he broke the news to me that he had invited Jesus into his heart, things had gotten so bad that I found it difficult to believe! Well, now I am convinced that it's true, and I'm so glad you and your team were there for him in his earliest days of walking with Christ.

Thank you, again.

Eternally grateful,

Susan (inmates mother who also received one of our books at his request).


Hi Sharon,

Yes, I do need more Be Transformed books. I am now almost out. The requests come daily for the study. You are having a great impact. Our single cell folks really are comforted by your words as well. They have more time alone to consider what is being taught. The inmates are really getting involved doing them and are growing. I am truly grateful for your labor of love in writing it, and in being so willing to give them to our ministry to give to precious people whom God has placed in "time out". Roselina (a Spanish-speaking inmate who was waiting for our book to come out in Spanish after she saw all the other women with the English version) was thrilled to receive the Spanish version of Be Transformed and loves the study. The next week Yon Diaz wrote me asking if he could please have Be Transformed in Spanish. He did not know that we even had the study in Spanish, but heard how the other men are growing through it. I just received his note of gratefulness for the book. Thank YOU so very much for sending them to us. Your ministry truly is a blessing.

~Chaplain Eileen, Northern California Prison



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Hi Sharon:

Thanks for your concern. We are having a good response to the books. One man in a lock down pod who came to the Lord and used your book, literally cried as he showed me how much the material meant to him. He said everything he needed to know was in your book. When you return in July, we will be ready for another box of books.

Blessings, Chaplain Mort, Northern California Jail



My name is Larry and I'm serving time at Tehachapi State Prison. I've been a believer in Christ since I was in diapers, but have backslid several times. A fellow inmate has a Bible study with your book Be Transformed, but he is being shipped out so I need another book so our group can continue our studies. Your book has opened my eyes to a greater relationship with my heavenly Father and I would love to continue this book.

Thank you so much.


Dear Sharon,

My name is Benjamin and I'm incarcerated at Soledad Prison near Salinas. I attend a prayer group and one of the men brought the Be Transformed book and it really grabbed my attention. I am trying to build my personal relationship with the Good Lord and I hear that the Be Transformed book is a very helpful asset to reconnect with God. Can you please send me a copy so I can continue to strive towards a better life and relationship with God? I would be so grateful.

Thank you and God bless you and your family.

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