This book is Fantastic! These studies came about as Sharon has run a Bible study now since 2004, and could never find the type of study she wanted, so she began to write her own. They show how Sharon climbed out of the pit of her life,and gained Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose. I have also run a Men's small group Bible study for over 6+ years and have used many different styles of Bible study formats. It is ALWAYS so hard to find a study that incites deep thought, and good round table discussions.

This book of studies is an excellent one! It takes 14 real-life topics, such as "Attitude", “Anxiety”, and “Guilt” and it really digs into how these issues affect our lives, and others, and how we may change for the better. The studies are backed up by using many key-point, thought-provoking Bible verses that you look up while going through the book. Our Men's group often reads beyond the key verse, and ends up straying into so many other thoughts and topics. It is all so good, as this study induces thought and discussion, which is where we can all learn and share so much from!

What makes this book so good is that it is not a "dry" study. And it can be done as an individual, or even better, in a small group setting. It is full of God's Spirit, as the Author has had so much life experience... See, I AM biased as I am Sharon Dutra's Husband, now for 20 years! Sharon is a Miracle of God in that she lived for 29 years "her way" before landing in jail, and having a life changing experience through meeting Christ! She spent her childhood going from broken homes, to foster care, to Juvenile Hall, to a Convent in Central Los Angeles, to a girl's home in East LA. She spent 17 years of her life battling addiction and homelessness. Sharon went through MANY failed attempts to get on the right track in her life through many a rehab program to only fail, and go back to her old ways. She ended up in jail, where she had her life CHANGED! Sharon's writing comes with all those life experiences, and she shares from her heart what WORKS! Her hardship is our gain, through reading these life changing topical studies! If you are bored with life, facing trials, or even addictions, try this book, and you too, may Be Transformed!!



The Bible studies that were created by Sharon have whole- heartedly made me the woman I am today. They gave me the ability to be transformed from a crystal meth addict to a ‘Jesus girl’. In order to have the Spirit of God truly live in you, you need the proper instruction on how to change. The studies that Sharon created, through the Holy Spirit, do just that. She gives you tools that show you how to change your attitude and self esteem. And, I think, even more importantly, they show you how to break down your strongholds. My wish for all who participate in her Bible studies and read her book, is to realize that we are undoubtedly loved by the Most High God, and that we are truly worthy of all His blessings. From one of “Sharon's Girls”.



Thank You, Lord, for Sharon Dutra. Through her faith, and her Bible studies, our men’s group has become like the early church. We are not just learning about the Bible, we are opening our hearts and learning about life, through the faith, trust, and love we have for each other, as brothers in Christ.

Sharon has lived through the kind of pain that many of us could not bear. That heartache has been transformed into love for all of those that she can touch with the Spirit of Christ. Through the inspiration of God, she has put together a guide for our daily lives, in the book “Be Transformed”. As we have read and researched these studies with open hearts, our lives have been changed. Her words draw you into the life that Jesus has shared with each of us. The studies also help us to become more like Him daily. We have learned through this book that as Christians, we share each others’ pain and sorrow - love and joy; for this life is only a temporary process to help us prepare for an eternity with God.



I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized in the Christian faith in 2007. I was attending services on Sunday and had tried different Bible studies. I had even tried the Children's ministries, because I wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere. I wanted to feel the way that I saw other happy Christians feeling. But instead, I was feeling hopeless and lost. The Bible didn't make sense to me until I started attending Sharon's group.

Not only have the lessons taught me how to be a Christian, but they have also helped me get closer to God. Before, I was a lukewarm Christian, wanting to have the 'fast track' ticket to happiness and wanting to be Gods' "favorite". But really, I was spinning out of control with anxiety issues. I could never really "let go and let God". I am now on a beautiful path!

The lessons in the book "Be Transformed" and Sharon's Bible study group have helped me to know that being a Christian takes effort. And with the support of this group and the impact of Sharon's book, the last 2 years have completely transformed me. I don't have to "spin my wheels" anymore, or try to keep busy because of fear or anxiety---that is Gone!! I now pray all day and have a genuine calmness and Joy in my heart that I cannot explain.



I have had the privilege of being in Sharon’s Bible study group for two years, during which time we used the studies that she had written for us. These studies were eventually published in her book, Be Transformed.

I remember thinking when I first joined her Bible study that my walk with the Lord was already strong and that I didn’t expect any major revelations about my spiritual well being. Wrong! Because of the way her studies are written, they seem to uncover issues that you’ve not yet dealt with. In my case, I had not been able to forgive myself for several transgressions I had from my past, even though the Lord and my family had long since forgiven me. It was a major break- through for me to be free from guilt for the first time in 30 years! What a blessing! Sharon’s book is full of such blessings, surprises and enlightenment. Whether you are just beginning to study the Bible, or if you’ve been studying it for years, there’s something within it for everyone!



I have always believed in God. I was raised in the Catholic Church where I was taught about creation and the Creator. I had the satisfaction of knowing my faith would one day deliver me to Heaven to see Christ face to face. I read the Bible, went to church, and attended a weekly Bible study. BUT…. my life was skewed, and my relationship with the Lord was weak. I sacrificed little and was asked to sacrifice little.

One day, I was invited to Sharon’s Bible Study. Soon afterward, I attended her weekend retreat, which was unlike any I had been to before. The retreat started with questions like “How do you use your time?” And, “Is Christ your first priority?” We spent 2 hours on the subject of Repentance, and I honestly thought I had nothing to repent for. Hello, can you say PRIDE? That weekend, I was convicted of my pride, my inability to forgive, and my selfishness. I realized that no matter what changes I had tried to make in my life, no matter how ‘good’ a person I thought I was, I was not truly serving Christ. Finally, after months, no, years, of burning my candle at both ends and never feeling like it was enough, I had my “light bulb moment”! I realized that all the years I had spent struggling, wrestling with my control issues, trying to tame my tongue and trying to be the best wife, mother, and servant of the Lord I possibly could, I had fallen short. I had always felt that no matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough. But through Sharon’s book “Be Transformed”, I have been set free. I now know that I am covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ and Gods awesome GRACE!



Wow! Not only is this book easy to read, but it is woven with scripture. I love how it gets our Bibles open, and I watch in delight as the newcomers learn to look up verses.

Before I came to this Bible study group, I felt so alone and anxious. I was a broken Christian. I thought I was obeying God, but I wasn't. These studies from Sharon’s book “Be Transformed” opened my eyes, and God used them to correct my heart.

I couldn't believe that I wasn't as loving of a Christian as I thought I was! Long story short... my marriage has been permanently healed because of the change in my heart! Crazy amazing! My husband and I had been to counselors, Pastors, and Bible studies for years. But this time was different.

The author of this book seems to breathe every breath for Jesus and I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has written this book through her. She is living proof of God's healing power. That reason alone makes this book stand out from the rest.



I find the book “Be Transformed” to be very easy to read, while also having a solid foundation of Scripture. It’s easy to see that the author is very genuine, and draws from her own personal life experiences. All levels of thought and emotion come out into this wonderful collection of Bible Studies. I would highly recommend this book for personal and spiritual growth, whether as an individual or as a group.

I am a team leader for the Single’s Ministry at my church, and the men in our group have been studying this book for almost 4 months. I humbly agree with Sharon that non-believers, as well as believers (new and seasoned), will come away from this book with a better understanding of how beautifully and wonderfully we were created. It helps you see how our Creator calls us to a deeper relationship with Him, and a better relationship with others.



All I can say is WOW! This book is in a class of its own. The depth of the material covered in "Be Transformed", coupled with the life experience that Sharon has under her belt, makes for the most powerful combination in this life-changing, life-transforming book!

I have known Sharon most of my life, so I truly know how far God has brought her. I can say with certainty that she has been one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.

I am saved because of her, and my testimony of how God used Sharon to bring me to Him STILL makes people say "NO WAY, REALLY?". You see, I was very deep into the occult and very deceived. On the day that I was ready to take my own life, God spoke to Sharon to come and see me. He was probably saying "This calls for the big guns, I'll send SHARON in!!" For years, I had sworn that I would NEVER become one of those 'Christians' but thanks to Sharon, I did find Jesus!! I must say that the best thing about Sharon is her heart, and how she truly does love and care for those she ministers to. In my opinion, that is why this book is so awesome and is helping so many people. It all stems from her relationship with the Lord.

I have never met anyone who loves and serves the Lord like she does; and that is what you get with her book - you get HER life that has been transformed already. This paves the way so that your life can also be transformed into the way God always intended it to be...that is, 'Transformed' by God's Holy Spirit!



Sharon has definitely impressed me with the book “Be Transformed: By the Spirit of the Living God”! I am 97, as of October 15, 2011. The more I read this book, the more I come to the simple conclusion – “WOW! Look what the Lord has done!” In clear, precise words, Sharon tells of the changes that took place in her life after she chose to accept Christ. Every subject in this book is related to real-life situations, and even better, they are backed by the Holy Bible references. As a ‘textbook’, it is real and conclusive for all situations. Again, I say, “WOW! Look what the Lord has done!”


The book “Be Transformed” started changing my life even before God spiritually fed Sharon Dutra the words to write it. How Sharon glorifies God with this book is ‘who Sharon is’. To me, Sharon is a reflection of the scriptures James 1:22 and Romans 2:13 - a “doer”.

I have personally experienced Sharon as a “doer” ever since she moved next door. From the beginning, Sharon was cards, gifts, hugs, prayers (in our driveways!), nursing and caring for my family, taking my stepsons for walks and talking to them about Jesus, and her just absolutely loving on us. To my amazement (thinking we were special lol!), I found out later on that she and her husband reached out to others in the same loving manner.

She never tires of serving and I have yet to hear her complain in the nine years I have known her. God put Sharon “doer” Dutra in my life to show ME the way to ‘Be Transformed”. Because of this book, I was given the tools to get out of my own way and start on the path of Christ, as a “doer”. I pray that GOD’s spiritual healing and restoration is experienced by everyone who studies this book – HIS book, amen!



I am one of the original “Sharon’s girls”. I have been a Christian for 60 years. Sharon has a gift for making plain the Truths of God’s Word. I was hooked from the first class. Her book says what needs to be said, backed up by the Word of God. She has great knowledge and understanding of Scripture, and her experiences in life give wisdom to her teaching. We can all “Be Transformed” by heeding the Truths in this book. Thank you, Sharon, for showing me a more personal Jesus. I’m looking forward to your next book, while studying and sharing this one.



I started Sharon Dutra's Bible Study four years ago. I was a very broken shadow of a person. But as I write this testimony today, I am now a faithful and strong woman. It still amazes me how the Spirit of the living God can, and does, transform us.

We live in a fallen world that can pull us into its way of thinking if we allow it to. Sharon's Bible studies allow us to take a closer, deeper look into these real life issues. Her book shows us how to break them up in a way that we can see them for what they really are, and be more aware of where they are coming from. By doing this, we can then go to the Scriptures that Sharon has added throughout her studies, and see not only what our Lord has to say about these issues, but also learn how much He cares and knows of such issues.

With the transformation God has done in Sharon's life, and the love she has for Him, she is able to reach out to others who are struggling with theses same life issues. She allows the Lord to work though her to bring them into a closer relationship with Him, so that He is then able to transform their lives, too.

Thank you Sharon, for not only hearing God’s voice, but listening to the Lord's whispers in your heart. I would not have come this far without your teachings (Philippians 4:8). You are the living proof of the transformation our Lord can and wants to do in our lives, once we submit to Him.

I love you Sharon Dutra. I have seen not only my life, but many others lives, transformed through your teachings.




I love the book, “Be Transformed: By the Spirit of the Living God!” While I was off work with foot surgery, Sharon gave me her newly published book to “review”; and it was perfect timing, because I had been looking for a study to help me grow closer to the Lord. I was so excited! The subjects were exactly the ones I was struggling with. I found I could spend hours going through each chapter.

My fiancé and I lead a small group Single’s Ministry, and I excitedly shared the book with them. Before we started the book, Sharon came and gave her testimony; the group was very drawn to her, and it was a wonderful way to start the book! People in the group are actually being ‘transformed’! We have been studying it for 4 months now, and we are still enjoying it very much.



“Be Transformed”, written by Sharon Dutra, opens your eyes to the majesty of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Savior uses her life and her gift of teaching to reveal the power of the Cross, as well as God’s eternal love that can change one’s life forever.

This book will teach you how to open your heart and receive a life that truly reaps eternal love, joy, and peace. No doubt, “Be Transformed” is a valuable resource for anyone genuinely seeking God’s best for their lives. It prepares their heart, mind, and soul to ‘be transformed’ from the inside out. This is a transformation that is only possible through the power of God’s love for us.

God uses Dutra’s life in a remarkable way to demonstrate that He will richly bless ALL who diligently and genuinely seek Him. As Dutra writes, our God is always faithful in keeping His promise; He does not discriminate; He meets us where we are in life, and He loves us too much to leave us there. Be aware that reading this book will provide an opportunity for God to victoriously transform your heart and change your life.




You can buy the Book at:

The Parable
3973 S Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 543-6146

Also available on Amazon.com



Dear Sharon, The Lord has blessed you greatly. And through your life and your book, He has blessed me, also. The more I read “Be Transformed”, the more I wish I had had this material to read while I was learning about the Bible many years ago. God continue to bless you, Sharon, and thank you for all you have done.



Lost and broken, God led me to Sharon’s group. A couple of years later, I thought I was serving God the right way, and that I was firm in my faith. But as soon as my marriage and home life fell to pieces, I ran to drugs instead of running to Jesus. My choices soon led me to prison. Shortly after I was incarcerated, I received Sharon’s book and began using “Be Transformed” to share Jesus with the other women there. While using the book, I was blessed to witness these women giving their lives to Jesus. And other women were growing in a deeper relationship with Jesus, too.

After returning home, I used Sharon’s chapter on Forgiveness to begin repairing the broken relationships I had with my children, due to my choices that had led me to prison. I continue to study Sharon’s book with my children and with friends.

Whether you are a believer or not, Sharon’s book focuses on real life stuff that a wide variety of people can identify with. Her book also challenges the reader to dig deeper, and to examine their hearts. I came to realize that before, I was serving God with lip service. But now, for the first time in my life, I have a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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